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【Inquiries about our businesses and products】

Contacts (Phone) Inquiry Details
Pump for plant
【Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.】
Slurry pumps, sewage pumps, submersible heavy-duty sand pumps, water pumps, special pumps, shield construction slurry pumps
Environmental Preservation Machinery/Steel Structures
【Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.】
Environmental preservation Equipments
Electrostatic precipitators, filtration-type(bag filters) precipitators, highly-effective filte- type precipitators, electric precipitators for tunneling work, harmful gas processors, water treatment equipment
Steel structures
Steel structures, steel bridges、Other steel structures
Crusher/Mill/Screen/Briquetting machine
【Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd.】
Crushers, grinding mills, briquetting machines, classifiers & separators, scrap car shredders, crushers and mills for recycling use, material handling systems, plants
Rock Drill Machinery
【Furukawa Rock Drill Co., Ltd.】
Rock Drills
Hydraulic breakers, hydraulic crushers, hydraulic crawler drills, pneumatic crawler drills, down the hole drilsl & rotary drilsl, tunnel machines, mining machines, concrete sprayers, pneumatic tools,

Construction machines
Wheel loaders parts
UNIC Machinery
【Furukawa UNIC Corporation】
UNIC Cranes, UNIC carriers, mini-crawler cranes, marine cranes
Metal & Resources
【Furukawa Metals & Resources Co., Ltd.】
Electrolytic copper, gold, silver, sulfuric acid
Electronic Materials like arsenic
【Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd.】
High-purity metallic As, GaP polycrystals, high-purity compounds (Arsenide, Calcogenide), cores and coils (reactors, filters), AlN ceramics(sheets, fillers),optical products(laser-use lenses and mirrors, infrared opticals) , diffractive-optical elements(DOE)
【Furukawa Chemicals Co., Ltd.】
Cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper carbonate, iron sulfate heptahydrate
Real Estate
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Lease of company-owned buildings and real estate agency
physical distribution, transportation, logistics
【Furukawa Unyu Co., Ltd.】
global transportation, domestic transportation, storage in warehouse service
Abrasion-Resistant/Heat-Resistant Castings
【Furukawa C&F Co., Ltd.】
Castings Erosion-resistant Cast Steels Tokénite, high-manganese steel castings, high-chromium steel castings, Sabel reinforcementcastings, low-alloycastings, special wear-resistant complex castings

【Inquiries about our general activities】

Contacts (Phone) Inquiry Details
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Public & Investor Relations Section
Shareholder information
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Legal Department
Inquires about shareholders'Meeting and Stock
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Sustainability Promotion Department
Sustainability information
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】 Environmental & Safety Management Department
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】 Inquiries about Research and development
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Personnel Development Section
Inquiries about employment
【Furukawa Co., Ltd.】
Public & Investor Relations Section
Company brochure requests and general inquiries
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