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Renal Carcinoma- Proprietary new technology / research called “XXXXXX”, which can be applied to renal carcinoma treatment.

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ノンコンフィデンシャル資料のご提出について/Confirmation of Non-Confidential information submission
(English follows)
Please make sure that the contents of submitted application documents do not contain any confidential information about your research.

個人情報の取り扱いと応募規定の確認について/Confirmation of Personal Information handling and the Call for Proposals Rules
(English follows)
本サイトから応募された書類の内容(個人情報を含む)は、本公募事業を目的として4者(武田薬品工業, 湘南ヘルスイノベーションパーク、Johnson&Johnson innovation及びJanssen Research & Development LLC)からなる公募事務局にて管理・共有がなされます。また、本公募事業の業務の一部を委託する業者に、応募された書類の内容(個人情報を含む)を共有することがあります。 本公募事業の応募規定の内容のご確認をお願い致します。

・The contents of the submitted application documents (including personal information) will be managed and shared by the Program Office, which consists of four parties (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Shonan Health Innovation Park, Johnson&Johnson innovation, and Janssen Research & Development LLC(Janssen)) for the purpose of this Call-For-Proposal. In addition, the contents of the submitted documents (including personal information) may be shared with contractors to whom outsource part of the work of this Call-For-Proposal.
・Please confirm the Call-For-Proposal Rules for this Call-For-Proposal.  

一次審査の二次プロセスについて/Confirmation of the second round of the first selection
(English follows)
Renal Cell CarcinomaならびにCell Therapy for Oncologyの応募案件は Janssen にて、Oncology(Takeda)の応募案件は武田薬品にて、一次審査を実施しますが、採択がされなかった場合には、一次審査の二次プロセスとして、他方の企業による審査に進みます。すなわち、Renal Cell Carcinoma /Cell Therapy for Oncology 案件を武田薬品で、Oncology (Takeda)案件をJanssenにて審査いたします。この二次プロセスで採択された場合、その採択企業による、以降の選考プロセス(研究計画の最終化およびプレゼンテーション)に進みます。

Janssen will conduct the first selection process for Renal Cell Carcinoma and Cell Therapy for Oncology applications, and Takeda will conduct the first selection process for Oncology (Takeda) applications. If you are not selected by Janssen or Takeda in the first round in the first selection process, you will proceed to the second round of review by the other company. In other words, Takeda will review the Renal Cell Carcinoma/Cell Therapy for Oncology project and Janssen will review the Oncology (Takeda) project in such second round. If your proposal is selected in such second round, you will proceed to the next selection process (finalization and presentation of the research plan) by the companywhich has selected your proposal in such second round process.

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