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お名前(日本語表記) Full Name(Japanese notation)必須 / Required
*First name/Last name
*If you are entering as a group, please enter the name of the representative.

お名前(英語表記) Full Name(English notation)必須 / Required
*First name/Last name

お名前(複数名)Full Name(First name/Last name)任意 / Optional
※If you are entering as a group, please the names of all the other members.
※If there are more than two names, please separate them with a ",".

作家名 ArtistName任意 / Optional
※If you have an artist name(different from your full name)or a group name, please enter it here.

メールアドレス E-mail address必須 / Required
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電話番号 Telephone number任意 / Optional
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国籍 Nationality必須 / Required

国籍(その他)Nationality(Other)任意 / Optional

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Twitter account任意 / Optional
Facebook account任意 / Optional
作品タイトル Title of the work必須 / Required
全角50文字 / Within 100 half-width characters.

コンセプト Concept/Description必須 / Required
全角300文字 / Within 600 half-width characters.

年齢 Age Please select必須 / Required

画像1 Image1必須 / Required
10MB以内 / Up to 10MB

画像2 Image2任意 / Optional

画像3 Image3任意 / Optional

画像4 Image4任意 / Optional

画像5 Image5任意 / Optional

個人情報の取扱いについて Handling of personal information Agree必須 / Required
Please check the details here agree to the terms before sending your submission details.
IMA MEMBERS登録 IMA MEMBERS Registration必須 / Required
A web magazine will be sent to all members 2-3 times per month.
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【アンケート】あなたが審査してほしい人を教えてください任意 / Optional
Please let us know who you would like to judge your entry.
全角128文字 / Within 256 half-width characters.

【アンケート】IMA nextのエントリーのきっかけを教えてください任意 / Optional
Please tell us the idea behind your entry.

エントリーのきっかけ(その他) The idea behind your entry (Other)任意 / Optional
全角64文字 / Within 128 half-width characters.